An overpowering need for expression

Some instruments have earned recognition in the history of specific music genres thanks to the commitment of great musicians.  It was Toots Thielemans in his fifty year long international career who established the credentials of the harmonica in the realm of jazz. Before his arrival, this instrument was considered no more than a toy. 

It was thanks to Thielemans and his participation in an Italian television show that I discovered and started playing this instrument.  His heritage is huge and I believe that he deserves the gratitude of all jazz harmonica players, worldwide, including myself.  

Jazz has been a part of my musical upbringing from the very beginning.  I started playing it well before my conservatory years and I've gone on to play it throughout my career.  Jazz allows me to express my more friendly, less formal relationship to the harmonica.  Ruled by improvisation and born of a sincere, somewhat overpowering need for self expression, jazz creates an opportunity to communicate on a level and with a language that transcends conventional experience.  

In 2006 I published my first cd as bandleader and composer of the Ensemble Project, an original project made up of five exceptional musicians that has earned the appreciation of Maestro Morricone.  

I have been collaborating for some years with the Mexican Trio Sacbè, an important musical group formally led by pianist and composer Eugenio Toussaint.  

I have shared the spotlight with musicians such as Ute Lemper, the Banda Mantiqueira (grammy award winning Brasilian big band), Billy Chobam and Ivan Lins. 

I've also been featured in recordings with Chico Barque de Holanda, Caymmy.   New projects, collaborations and encounters with other musicians are an essential stimulus for my music. 

Day after day they contribute to the enrichment of my music and myself.